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Francis Laleman

Michaela Broeckx



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About us

We are Francis Laleman, Michaela Broeckx, and associated learning facilitators.

Everything we do is about getting better, about helping you get beyond the borders of what you thought possible.

We help our clients build Agile communities, empower self-organizing teams, develop continuous and effective adult learning, apply meaningful instructional design, create a learning organisation, train learning facilitators, lubricate Lean and Agile transformations.

Linearity is out. We help our clients prepare to embrace the complex adaptive systems of today's reality.

With you, we cross the borders of culture. We are at home in India, in Japan, in the Arab World and in Europe - providing intercultural learning tracks as we go - and facilitating the emergence of strong and happy cross-functional and cross-cultural teams.

Everything we do breathes the serendipity of Asia - and is flavoured by the natural world, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Taoism and Zen.