Francis Laleman en Michaela Broeckx are the principal shokunin, craftsmen, at Beyond Borders. But in monozukuri, the art of making things (happen),  mastering your craft is one thing, sharing is yet another. After all, Beyond Borders is all about communities and agility and learning - and in this, dialogue and conversations are essential. Here are a few of the craftspeople we are currently on the road with. 

francislalemanzw.jpg  (3).jpg

francis laleman (B)

your senior learning facilitator, instructional designer, train-the-trainer, interculturalist, agilist, coach and mentor - your co-traveller, a gardener, a shokunin (craftsman). 

michaelaanderszw (2).jpg

michaela broeckx (B)

your agilista - our principal enabler of (intercultural) Agile transformations, builder of Agile communities, certified Scrum Master, Agile and systems workshop facilitator.

prachikazw (2).jpg

prachika poonia (IN)

your systems-to-people facilitator, well-versed in Prince2 and Agile - who became a skillful interculturalist as an NRI in Belgium, your Indo-Europe cultural discovery guide.

chrystellezw (3).jpg

chrystelle legat (F)

votre référence francophone - who abandoned a career in telecom and utilities, in the Middle East and in France, to become a yoga teacher and an intercultural trainer.

kawaljeetzw (2).jpg

kawaljeet kaur (IN)

Ihr interkultureller Moderator auf Deutsch - a professional language teacher at the European Commission - your skilled instructional designer and apt interculturalist.


bilal chapri (IN)

your senior hospitality manager in India, founding partner at Discovery Journeys India and Neeleshwar Hermitage - location of your business summer retreats and masterclasses with us.