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Agile Discovery

  • Bayt al-Andalus Sint Hubertusstraat 93 2600 Antwerpen Belgium (map)

What if you could exchange with people from different backgrounds, talk about your experience, or be inspired by others and take something back with you after the training?

What if you have heard a lot about agility, and are curious on it applies in your context?

Today, a growing number of companies start what they call Agile Transformations. They can either be Big Bang approaches, inspired by a number of frameworks (be it Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Spotify), or organic approaches that focus on sensing and responding to the environment.

Also, if you're new to the field, it can be difficult to know where to start. There's so many certifications and trainings to choose for - and they're quite pricey as well - that it can be a daunting task to select the one you need.

With this two day agile discovery training, my hope is to create a platform for exchange and discussion. A place to learn hands-on about what agility means and what to watch out for when you want to apply it in your own environment. The pricing is set to 600 EUR (VAT excluded) and lunch is included.

Those who have already followed some trainings with me know that I prefer the hands-on, experimental approach. There will be lots of room for learning, discussion, frustration and you might get out of the training with more questions than you started with.

And this is good. Because questions are the basis of critical thinking, and critical thinking is much needed in today's world if we don't wan't to end up working like in Charly Chaplin's Modern Times or in Brazil's Ministry of Information.

I can tell you we'll talk about Scrum, about the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (and how it translates outside of IT), and we'll experiment with useful practices that can help creating a shared understanding of what to build, for whom and why. What if you could spend to days to get a better understanding of what agility is all about?

My wish is that you will leave this training full of new ideas. With a better understanding of the dynamics in play when we talk about changing the way we work. With a better understanding of what's critical in order to help our customers to their competitive advantage. With ways to show up at work, and be aligned with yourself and others.

About the trainer

Charles-Louis de Maere has an extensive experience in bringing agility in different organisations. Through his experience in various domains (Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom) and organisation types (governmental, private sector and start-ups), he has uncovered that one type of agility does not fit all.

Therefore, it's key for people to understand how agility can help them reach their goals. Through his expertise as personal coach, agile coach, visual facilitator and trainer, Charles-Louis creates emergent trainings that cater to the participants' needs, leaving space for dialogue and discussion, learning through movement and spatial arrangement and through activities.

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