Intercultural Scrum Clinic, huh?

Combining expertise from intercultural management and Agile frameworks, we have developed Intercultural Scrum Clinics to turn typical team spoilers like intercutural differences and team distribution into opportunities for better team velocity and superior team results.

This popular post originally appeared on LinkedIn, December 16, 2017, and has been shared from there intensively.

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Diversity matters

Diversity is a reality of nature. Diversity is not a problem, and neither is it a godsend. Diversity is what is - and inclusion nor integration have ever substantially lessened the burden of the unfitting. Walk through the corridors of history. Every attempt, of whatever "nation", of whatever "power", to annihilate otherness or disengage the other from her identity, self-image, and self-respect, has led to discontent, discord, dissent, disruption, (armed) conflict and (lately, very much) terror. No empire has ever successfully forced people to become someone else.
Then what to do? - The answer is obvious...

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