Reimagine Work is an occasional one-day event dedicated to holding up a mirror to the corporate world—and to ourselves as citizens of that world. We do this through various forms of interactive exploration, and through these interactions we attempt to sow the seeds of change, to nurture ourselves, the soil, that a new way of being may organically grow to gently replace the existing status quo.

In terms more familiar to many of us, we seek to focus on people over processes, to build human relationships rather than human structure, to change the conversation from command/comply to request/response, and ultimately to replace monologue with dialogue.

Each Reimagine Work event is different to each other. There is no formula. This one, the fourth in the series, and the first outside London had a more intimate nature than previous events. There were no invited facilitators, only participants who may choose to facilitate sessions. Agenda-setting was a just-in-time, spontaneous event at the start of the day. No one in charge, and everyone responsible.

At past events, in London, we've welcomed workshops on spiral dynamics, agility, clean language, improvisation, theatre of the oppressed, teal approaches, sociocracy, quakerism, silence, working with what is, sociodrama, empathy, Liberating Structures, Theory U, mindfulness, awareness, Anti-Fragility, Deep Democracy, Holarchy, Shades of Leadership, Enemy Love, Ikigai, and other ideas to explore the possibilities of change in the corporate world—possibilities only limited by our imaginations.

For this event we were particularly interested in exploring leaderless cultures, for whatever that means to each of us.
(text by Tobias Mayer)

See a picture gallery with scenes from this event here.